Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Greetings in Japanese

Have always had this desire to learn a foreign language.And bingo! The college where i did my Master's offered Japanese.

This post is especially for a sweet friend who is learning Jap and i am trying to teach him what little i know!!

Hello = Konnichiwa
How are you = Ogenki desuka
I am fine = Ogenki des
And you= Anata wa?
I'm fine, too. = Watashi-mo genki-desu
How do you do = Hajimemashite
Good Morning = Ohaio Gozaimasu
Good Evening = Konbanwa
Good Night = Oyasuminasai
See you later = Dewa Mata
Thank You = Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

Okies..this should help you to get by in Japan :)

Till then ,


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Kaushik said...

Watashi wa Kaushik desu.
Trivia: What, among other things mentionable (if any), does Gayatri Jayaram scold Vadivelu in Manadhai...
(Yes, I confess, these and 1/2 of what you've written are all I remember of the Japanese they imposed on us in college. :D)