Thursday, April 26, 2007

BPO Industry

Since the time the BPO's have started enourmous amount of people have been beifitted by it. Students who want to make a quick buck, people who want to fill in 3 months gap between the Graduation and PG studies while waiting for results, people waiting for visas to get approved and so on and so forth. How many really want to work in a call center in night shifts? A dicey question. Ask them if they want to persue this as a long term career choice and they will sqirm in their chairs and say No.

Yes, there are many people who have made it big by starting from scratch as Call Center executive, but there are very few success stories. The main hit is on the health aspect. Shift change every month, sometimes in a week, people go 2 days morning shift, the next 2 days night shift, even worse when you need to alternate between day shift and night shift. Sleeping hours get hit, Eating habits go for a toss and health is affected BIG time!!

Many employees end up depressed, end up with ear pain, headaches , backpain, shoulder pain and stomach ailments. Thres no exercise as people sit in the same place for long hours without any change in their posture.Stress on their mind and body is a whole different ball game altogether. People end up smoking more during the night shift.They think it will help then to "de-strees"! What a joke!!

After so many grim statements, is where Yoga,meditation, working out , daily walk/jog will help enormously. Eating healthy is another important aspect that is neglected.Having salads,fruits and sprouts and juices instead of junk will also help. In small ways these are the right measures to help "de-stress". Smoking or alcohol consumption is a big NO NO!! Will only push you deeper into the ditch you already are in!!

These are a few tips to help you to eat healthy and Think better and work better!!

wish you Loads of luck towards a healthier,happier and a successful life!


Vasudevan said...

Nice posting Vasu, its really nice and wise.

People in BPO Beware and Be Aware.

Vasumathi said...

Thanks Vasudevan..glad you enjoyed the article! Be back for more!