Thursday, December 13, 2007

A blessing exists in every burden

Very heavy title for a post. and a post that comes after ages. And the title of the post is what i learnt today after such a long and tiring journey to our Electronic city office. It takes about 2 hours and 15mins one way to reach office. Am just back after travelling for 5.5hrs in a single day! The bangalore traffic conditions are worldfamous already and you dont need to be a Rocket scientist to understand how irritated i felt while travelling.

So, once i resigned to the fact that i was going to have a never ending journey, i settled down confortably in my seat and started to listen to music.The playlist played one lovely song after the other.I have never relished MSS or Bombay Jayashree anymore than i did today! It was pure bliss and by the time i reached office, i had tears rolling down my eyes and was feeling so blessed to have experienced the joy of listening to some lovely carnatic music. My burden turned to blessing the moment i realised, i would have anyway reached office, why fret and get irritated! Might as well enjoy the journey! Make The journey more memorable..that matters and matters a lot. We will anyway reach our destination and also relish the journey to the fullest.

So thats a lesson learnt and...Shared!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dance like theres noone watching...

Dance like there is Noone Watching....

I read this somewhere and stopped for a moment to think...have i done that before? Most of the time, its FEAR that stoppes us from doing the things that we want.Fear of parents or most often than not..ourselves.This made me think the n number of times i would have stopped myself from doing things i badly wanted to do.

The many times i wanted to run and play in the rain, but stopped myself, the many times i wanted to just let my hair down and party till late night, but never did coz of fear of parents.The many times i wanted to cry, but smiled instead, The many times i wanted an ice-cream but stopped coz of fear of catching a cold, The many times wanted to eat Gol Gappe and stopped mid way out of fear of falling ill, the many times i despearately wanted to speed on the highway, but did not, The many times stopped myself from saying "i love you" to people i love..

One Day..i promise myself that i will do all this.without day...


A small incident the happened sometime back..have been unable to get it out of my head.

Whilst on a early morning walk by the Sankey lake, i noticed a little girl of about 10..sitting by herself and staring at the water..and as i was about to pass by her, she looked up at me, and stared at me..something about her caught my attention and i instinctively slowed my her eyes looked straight into mine, i was taken aback..never have i seen such huge beautiful eyes before..eyes that were sad..very sad...In a single glance, those dark eyes spoke volumes..She was probably cold, hungry and miserable.I dont know why..felt a tug at my heart to hold her hand and say.."Its ok..everything will be alright..".Just as i approached her to talk to her, her mother, who probably worked as a caretaker of the lake stepped forward, caught the girl by the hand and dragged her away.As she walked away from me, she turned and gave me one last glance, without a reason, i had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes......Stay happy whereever you are little one..

When is your marriage??

Have been listening to this lousy dialogue for the past year or so.Its so irritating.If you are a girl and have reached the age between 20-25 and not married yet..Oh Boy..belive me you are bound to hear this dumb line everyday some 50 times atleast.Friends scrap on orkut with this question, if by chance you are chatting with a long lost friend, this is the first thing you are asked..I wish people would just grow up and get a LIFE.

Makes me wonder marriage so important? Its an important event in a person's life.No doubts about it.But is it the 'only' thing to a woman's life?I have just begun to dread any function or a wedding in the family.Can feel everyone's eyes watching every move of yours. really have to experience this.

Typical questions:

Them: What have you studied?
Me: MS ...
Them : Oooooooh you say yes to a boy who is a BE?
Me: What the hell...

Them:What kind of a boy do you want?
Me: (if i knew he would be with me right now)

Them: Are you ready to go out of bangalore?
Me: (you are occupying too much space...of my space)

I am beginning to come up with wacky ones for these questions these days..

To all other specimens going thru this phase...

Loads of luck,
A better specimen.

MS Subbulakshmi

A few words that come to my mind when i hear MSS's name.An Angel,Godess Saraswathi incarnation, Divine,Soulful music, Straight from the heart.

A typical south indian family's morning starts with your Suprabatham and Vishnu Sahasranamam.Not to forget BhajaGovindam!

Her music is "Straight from the Heart", which is why it touches anyone who has heard her.Oh my, wat devotion.I am grooping for words at the moment as i listen to "Rangapura Vihara" a few minutes when i hear the next song enqued "Kurai ondrum illai" am sure i will cry again, for the Nth time.Anytime, anywhere, any number of times i listen to that song, i WILL cry.Its a Scheduled task or something i just cant be helped..A few top favourites:

{My "For" loop always starts with 0 LOL}

0.Kurai Ondrum Illai
2.Rangapura Vihara
4.Pibare Ramarasam
5.Bhavayami Gopalapalam
6.Nama Ramayanam (amma used to sing this to me as a child...was my ultimate lullaby..i have also heard amma sing this for my younger sister..somehow this song always has worked as a charm..listen to it and automatically fall asleep!! Even works till date!!)
7.Vadavarayai Mathaaki
8.Sitamma Mayamma
9.Katrinile varum geetham
10.Mamava pattabi
11.Enna thavam seyithane
12.Vande Mataram
15.Hanuman Chalisa

I can actually go on and on and on...

Love u MSS amma..u are and will always be THE BEST!!

One of my greatest unfullfilled wish..I wish to have met you when you were amongst us and touched your feet to see if you were for real.....Anyway, will meet you someday (you know where..).Just my small tribute to The ultimate woman,My ultimate idol, The Legend, The Voice, The Beauty,The Sheer Devotion,Ultimate Simplicity...this list can also go on and on and on....

Am going to sleep with Suddha Bramha Paratpara Ram echoing in my ears!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

In Dino

This is a song from the Movie "Life in a Metro" called In Dino Dil mera...Heard it en route to office in the cab.Have not watched the movie yet, but the lyrics caught my attention and got me thinking.The writer of the song is motivating people to love and be loved in return.

Hah, the corporate world has made us half-stones anyways.We walk around with a wall around us.False smiles and surrounded by freinds who are just "namesake" freinds. How much ever the work we do is challenging , the portrait painted is very coulourless, if i may say so.How many of us actually have good freinds within our team? I understand that its all about business and not emotion.But , we are humans who drive that business and not Robots.

And sometimes people (not only those who are in the management level) behave the same way with family and freinds as their collegues.Husband and wife these days have discussions the "corporate" way was what i read in one magazine! This is heights!

Better to be yourself ,Be warm,freindly,SMILE and spread joy around and be professional when it comes to business and maintain a balance is my humble opinion.

Here are the lyrics that were the inspiration for this post!
In dino, dil mera, mujhse hai keh raha , tu khaab saja, tu ji le jara,
hai tujhe bhi izaazat, karle tu bhi muhabbat.

Berang si hai badi zindagi kuchh rang to bharoon,
main apani tanahaayi ke waaste ab kuchh toh karoon.

Jab mile thodi fursat, khudse karle muhabbat
hai tujhe bhi izaazat, karle tu bhi muhabbat

Usako chhupaakar main sabse kabhi le chaloon kahin door…
aankhon ke pyaalon kse pita rahoon usake chehre ka noor.

Iss jamaane se chhupakar , puri karloon main hasrat
hai tujhe bhi izaazat, karle tu bhi muhabbat.

Smile and Shine Bright!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Winning all the Way!

Have no fear, Dont you care for tears,
What are you afraid of, Dont you care for fears.

Get perturbed not, when life does throw a volley of questions at you,
Get disturbed not, when you dont have all the answers.

Show the way out, to your woes,
Tell them to back off, and get back on your toes.

The sun is out, the birds are chirping!
Time to put on your dancing shoes!

A Smile on the face, hope sparkling on eyes,
Faith in your heart,a new confidence on self!

Your trust on self will get you safely to the shore!
And viola, you have Happiness oozing out of every pore!

You have it in you to Win,
You have it in you to succeed.

Chase all your dreams,Run and catch all the colours of the rainbow,
For YOU are a winner of your own race!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Hope...The thing we all live on :-)

Whats life without a dream,
How i only wish i could make you see my dream!
Whats life without a silent wish,
How i hope i could make you understand my wish!

Whats the point in brooding,people ask,
How i wish, i could make them see the reason!
Whats with the sad smile,people ask,
How i wish,i could mask it well and get through this season!

Whats life without hope,i ask myself,
How i wish i had answers to all questions!
Whats going to be the end of this story,they ask,
How i wish..I Knew!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New home...

I know not, where i have come from,
I know not, where i will be going,
From the safe comfort of my den,
To travel on the roads i have never seen before.

With trepedition in my mind,
With a wild pounding in my heart,
Tear filled eyes that look beseechingly at mother,
Do not Send me away , I silently beg.

Looked into the loving eyes of a stanger,
I shall be always by your side,said the smile,
A Sudden sense of security creeps in,
A slight smile with mixed emotions tells the story.

Into a new world, with new people,
Into a new home with a new garden,
This is where i belong, a voice from within said,
I walked into the new home, to love,respect,obey and honor.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Can you forget...

Can you forget
The day warm soft hands that first held you ?
The day a sweet voice sang you a beautiful lullaby?
The day parent's loving eyes looked at you when you took your first step?
The day anxious faces that looked at you with worry when you fell ill ?

Can you forget
The day daddy took you to school on your first day?
The day granddad bought you your first Red coloured tricycle?
The day mummy clapped the most when you won your first prize at a race?
The day mummy and daddy took you out to the beach and played with you in the sea with glee?

Can you forget
The day daddy taught you to play badminton?
The day mummy taught you to sing sa ri ga ma pa?
The loving hugs from grandparents when you got back from school?
The squeals and screams of classmates as you topped the class?

Can you forget
The day you got drenched in the rain and danced for joy?
The day you ran after rainbow hoping to catch atleast one colour?
The day you heard a cuckoo and imitated it till your throat went sore?
The day you said "i love you" to mummy and daddy and did not understand why they had tears ?

Can you forget
The day a sibling came into your life and you looking at her in wonder?
The day your tiny hands held her while she cried?
The day you saw her take baby steps towards your dad?
The day you got furious when she held a little pen and scrawled all over your homework?

Can you forget
The day when you got ragged on the first day at college?
The day when you performed at the college fests with so much exhuberence?
The day(s) when you bunked classes and preferred to mark attendance at cafeteria instead?
The day you graduated and wondered how you managed to do it?

Can you forget
The day you got your first job and jumped for joy?
The day you stayed over at office for a straight 48 hours to complete a task?
The day you got your fist appreciation mails with a glorious award?
The day you realised theres lots more to office than just work?

Can you forget
The day daddy called you and said "Child, its time i get you married"?
The day you cried to you mummy begging for a couple of more years before marriage?
The day you realised that in the process of growing up, graduating and getting a job, you have not had time to notice the tired lines on the faces of your parents?
The day you grudgingly agreed to let your parents find a patner for you?

Can you forget
The day an old friend calls up just to say Hi and stirrs up nostalgic memories of school?
The day you accidently meet a school teacher and she remembers every detail about you even after some ten years?
The day you realised your fitness level has degraded since you joined work?
The day you relaised all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl?

Can you forget
The day of realisation that life is not about just slogging and making money?
The day you smiled while seeing old pictures and noticing how young and handsome Dad looked then and became sad because he has gray hair now?
The day of enlightenment that life is too short and if you have to say "I Love You", SAY IT
The day you forget all this, will mean you have grown old and need medication for amnesia.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Where has humanity gone?

A 60 year old lady was left on the streets by her son. She runs around screaming on the road or sits quietly in one corner alternatively and awaits someone to take her home.Nobody comes.Noone cares.She is shabbily clothed, hungry and has no place sleep, has no clothes to change into.

While she was sitting in her usual corner which is also a parking place for a Santro, the gentleman comes and honkes non-stop.She is deaf to him.Does not even see him.Just blankly staring ahead.He finally looses patience , gets out of the car, holds her by the hand and drags her away.A victorious smile on his face, having got his parking space now, parks his car and turns away.
She is living on the streets for the past one week. We have big shots , MLAs living on the same road, theres a police patroling car which passes by the road everyday.Even they have noticed her, but pretend they have not seen her.

My parents and me waited for some days hoping her people will take her back. When that did not happen, we decided to take matters at hand.We considered calling the police, but again, i am not very confident if they would help or show sympathy.I made a few calls to Ramakrishna Mission and they gave me a couple of numbers. Most of them were not keen on taking her.Spoke to many people, most of the charitable institutions seem to be full and not keen on taking another immate.The search for a safe place for her is still on.

This post is NOT to show off that we are trying to do a great deed, but this post is to sit and think, what has the world come to? We have around 50-60 families living in the same road. Everyone is aware of the situation, yet, nobody cared, nobody volunteered to help. If things go on like this, then we all can gleefully give up all hopes i have on this country's improvement. Goodbye to Dr.Kalam's "Dream India".That will remain just that. A Dream. Wake up people .This is reality. We are all selfish, arrogant, brash, ill mannered ,non-caring citizens of a country that has produced some great souls. If they were alive today, they would have been ashamed of us.All their sacrifice has gone a waste.

Dont we all have a social responsibilty? Are we all not answerable to ourselves? I wonder how people like that Santro owner sleep at night.Its not only him, but even me, for one week why did i keep quiet? Why did i not instantly help? Instead of wasting time Orkutting, should i not have taken 10 minutes and made the phone calls 1 week earlier? How far is this kind of heartless attitude going to take us? How could i slep peacefully when she was getting drenched in the rain on the streets? How could i just tap my feet to "Pray for me brother" , the new poverty anthem by A.R.Rahman while she is in so much agony?

Another instance, An old couple want to get to the hospital. They try in vain to stop cars and get a lift on the way to Sai baba hospital on Whitefield.Nobody bothers to stop.How are an old couple , the old man dressed in Veshti (dhoti) with a tilak on his forehead and the old lady in 9yards , both 80+ going to kill you or take away your money?

A friend of mine had a fatal accident and was lying battling in the hospital for his life, someone has stolen his wallet in the hospital.What if we all had not been informed of his accident by a good soul who found his mobile? We would not even have seen his body or given him his last rites.

Does it not make you shudder to think ? I can quote 100 other incidents and each of them will bring tears to a person who is sensitive and can't bear another human being's pain.Unless we are going to be more sensitive, unless we change our heartless nature , unless we let go of the "I Dont Care, as long as i enjoy myself" attitude and swear to help other people , we are on the way to destruction."We" is me, you, everybody.

THINK about it.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rang De Basanti

This is not a post on the Movie rang de basanti ..nor is it about Aamir Khan.Read on..

My mother tells me sometimes, "Vasu, you have all the colors of the wind in you ,child", not meaning I am colorful in attire, but expression of emotions. A frown in an instant and a bright smile fashing at the world, in the very next instant, then that smile would fade , the face would cloud over with a sad thought that passes my mind on and off.

Whilst i was pondering over this thought , it also occured to me, that my mood sometimes also was reflected by the color i wore that day. On doing some research, i found that i was indeed right in my thought and here is what i found:

Black is the color of authority and power. It is popular in fashion because it makes people appear thinner. It is also stylish and timeless. Black also implies submission. Priests wear black to signify submission to God. Some fashion experts say a woman wearing black implies submission to men. Black outfits can also be overpowering, or make the wearer seem aloof or evil. Villains, such as
Dracula, often wear black.

Brides wear white to symbolize innocence and purity. White reflects light and is considered a summer color. White is popular in decorating and in fashion because it is light, neutral, and goes with everything. However, white shows dirt and is therefore more difficult to keep clean than other colors. Doctors and nurses wear white to imply sterility.

The most emotionally intense color, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is also the color of love. Red clothing gets noticed and makes the wearer appear heavier. Since it is an extreme color, red clothing might not help people in negotiations or confrontations. Red cars are popular targets for thieves. In decorating, red is usually used as an accent. Decorators say that red furniture should be perfect since it will attract attention.
The most romantic color, pink, is more tranquilizing. Sports teams sometimes paint the locker rooms used by opposing teams bright pink so their opponents will lose energy.

The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is one of the most popular colors. It causes the opposite reaction as red. Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, so it is often used in bedrooms. Blue can also be cold and depressing. Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. People are more productive in blue rooms. Studies show weightlifters are able to handle heavier weights in blue gyms.

Currently the most popular decorating color, green symbolizes nature. It is the easiest color on the eye and can improve vision. It is a calming, refreshing color. People waiting to appear on TV sit in "green rooms" to relax. Hospitals often use green because it relaxes patients. Brides in the Middle Ages wore green to symbolize fertility. Dark green is masculine, conservative, and implies wealth. However, seamstresses often refuse to use green thread on the eve of a fashion show for fear it will bring bad luck.

Cheerful sunny yellow is an attention getter. While it is considered an optimistic color, people lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms, and babies will cry more. It is the most difficult color for the eye to take in, so it can be overpowering if overused. Yellow enhances concentration, hence its use for legal pads. It also speeds metabolism.

The color of royalty, purple connotes luxury, wealth, and sophistication. It is also feminine and romantic.

Solid, reliable brown is the color of earth and is abundant in nature. Light brown implies genuineness while dark brown is similar to wood or leather. Brown can also be sad and wistful. Men are more apt to say brown is one of their favorite colors.

Well, that was colors for you!!

Have a colorful day today and everyday!!

Cricket Fever

We are about to watch two spectacular teams battle it out for the World Cup 2007. Srilanka has always been a favourite team. Ofcourse nodoubt that australia has an upperhand and is very confident now, that they are into the world cup after winning all the games they played, their confidence will be sky high. SriLankans are also a good bunch of players with loads of experience and technique.

Hope SriLankanks WIN !!!

My Vote to SriLanka for this Cricket World Cup 2007!!

March on Lions! Get the Cup to ASIA!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Star Gazing

Sometimes just looking at the night sky can relieve you of lot of stress..Its even more enjoyable if you can listen to Sahana or Neelambari Raaga playing in the background! It used to be a common practice to study in the terrace while i was in 10th.Used to always, switch off the lights for 10mins to enjoy star gazing.The habit has not yet left me.

It always refreshes me.In fact if you observe closely, one can even identify the constellations like Orion and Little Bear.Also happened to see a shooting star a few times.Incredible is the word!!I wish i could star gaze for a longer period of time..but can hardly keep my eyes open after a hard days work! Try it and see how good you feel!! Let your thoughts wander as you gaze up at the millions of stars on a cloudless night!! Totally Yummy!! God! I am getting starry eyed!!

What is the equipment you need to star gaze? Well a good healthy pair of eyes with a great desire to drink up the sky with a glance.Other than that a good pair of binoculars will also do.Aslo ensure you do not strain your neck.A reclining chair or an easy char as we call it, will do just fine.There were a few tips i could think of to make your experience a more satisfying one.

Happy Star Gazing!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

BPO Industry

Since the time the BPO's have started enourmous amount of people have been beifitted by it. Students who want to make a quick buck, people who want to fill in 3 months gap between the Graduation and PG studies while waiting for results, people waiting for visas to get approved and so on and so forth. How many really want to work in a call center in night shifts? A dicey question. Ask them if they want to persue this as a long term career choice and they will sqirm in their chairs and say No.

Yes, there are many people who have made it big by starting from scratch as Call Center executive, but there are very few success stories. The main hit is on the health aspect. Shift change every month, sometimes in a week, people go 2 days morning shift, the next 2 days night shift, even worse when you need to alternate between day shift and night shift. Sleeping hours get hit, Eating habits go for a toss and health is affected BIG time!!

Many employees end up depressed, end up with ear pain, headaches , backpain, shoulder pain and stomach ailments. Thres no exercise as people sit in the same place for long hours without any change in their posture.Stress on their mind and body is a whole different ball game altogether. People end up smoking more during the night shift.They think it will help then to "de-strees"! What a joke!!

After so many grim statements, is where Yoga,meditation, working out , daily walk/jog will help enormously. Eating healthy is another important aspect that is neglected.Having salads,fruits and sprouts and juices instead of junk will also help. In small ways these are the right measures to help "de-stress". Smoking or alcohol consumption is a big NO NO!! Will only push you deeper into the ditch you already are in!!

These are a few tips to help you to eat healthy and Think better and work better!!

wish you Loads of luck towards a healthier,happier and a successful life!

Mozhi - A Review

I am not an avid movie goer, nor am i a good critic. I do enjoy light comedy and romantic movies.One of movie that i had a chance to watch was Mozhi meaning language.

Jyotika,Prithviraj,Swarnamalya,Prakaj Raj and others have acted. Jyotika plays a deaf and dumb girl and lives with her grany.Prithvi and Prakash Raj are music composers and live in the same appartment as Jo. Prithvi falls in love with her even before knowing that she is deaf and dumb and how he persues her even after he gets to know about her being deaf and dumb highlight his character.

Till the end you cant really decide who is the main lead.Jo or Prithvi or the story or Prakash Raj's timing in the comic scenes. Some awesome dialogues, the sequence where Prithvi expresses his love for Jo and asks her to marry him, Jo's reaction to it are elegantly screened. Jyotika has surpassed herself and does exceedingly well in all her scenes. The scene where she tells swarnamalya that she wont attend her wedding and gives her a present in advance is one such example. Also when Prithvi barges into her room and yells at her for not coming to swarnamalya's wedding is superb!

Prakash Raj is awesome with his timing and he is so adorable in his scenes.Especially when he tells Prithvi that he has fallen for swarnamalya and he proposed to her.He says "Enakkum mani adiccudu, bulb kooda erinjadu".the other cute scene is where he throws up in front of the appartment secratries house and next day tells prithvi, i was wondering what that man was doing in our bathroom!!

The music is hummable and lyrics by Vairamuthu are excellent.
"Katrin Mozhi, oli ya, isiaya,
Poovin Mozhi nirama , maNama,
Kadallin Mozhi, alaya , noraya,
Kaadal Mozhi , vizhiya , idazha

Iyarkayin mozhigal purindividu , manidarku Mozhiye thevillai,
Idayathin mozhigal purinduvidu , manidarkku mozhiye thevaillai"

This was just a sample. The lyrics are really deep and can touch you.

the other very cute song is the Mannipaaya song. Its worth a listen.

Theres no vulgarity . Its a very clean movie and makes you laugh even when all you want to do is just smile!

Happy Watching!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Greetings in Japanese

Have always had this desire to learn a foreign language.And bingo! The college where i did my Master's offered Japanese.

This post is especially for a sweet friend who is learning Jap and i am trying to teach him what little i know!!

Hello = Konnichiwa
How are you = Ogenki desuka
I am fine = Ogenki des
And you= Anata wa?
I'm fine, too. = Watashi-mo genki-desu
How do you do = Hajimemashite
Good Morning = Ohaio Gozaimasu
Good Evening = Konbanwa
Good Night = Oyasuminasai
See you later = Dewa Mata
Thank You = Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

Okies..this should help you to get by in Japan :)

Till then ,


Monday, April 23, 2007


A website that is visited by me atleast twice a day to reply to the 250 odd friends's occassional scraps! A Stanford University Graduate Orkut Büyükkökten has come a long way and is predicted that he will be the richest man in the world by 2010.Everytime we write a scrap to a friend, create a commuity, join a community,participate in a community discussion , we are adding dollars to Mr.Orkut's pockets.

No Wonder!!!

All said and done, i still love Orkut (i meant the web application..lest u let your imagination run wild....) and it has helped me find my long lost friends, build a good network of friends and learn a lot more on topics that interest me deeply - Carnatic Music, English Vocabulary , Dream Interpretation to name a few.

Well then, Keep Orkutting and hope that the Orkut Server is considerate on you not to throw the famous "Bad, Bad Server. No Donut for you.." error!!

Till then...Smile and Shine!

Here I am..

Here I am - this is me There's no where else on earth I'd rather be
Here I am - it's just me and you And now,time has come to make my dreams come true.

It has always been a dream to write, and hence i am here to the world of blogging!!

Hope to write more in the coming days!!

Keep visiting and commenting!! Words of encouragement are always welcome :)

Drive Safe and Smile Bright!!